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Shrenik Shah

* Businessman into International marketing for more than 3 decades, Exporting Dyestuffs (Synthetic colouring products) for various Dyeing applications.

* Traveled to 33 countries, 150 + overseas trips

* Cancer Survivor in 21st year as Laryngectomee (vocal folds removed because of Cancer T IV A from Ahmedabad India & using Electro Larynx as alternative method of speaking since 1997 & sound quality is like Robot with much clear audibility as against TEP valve.

I am listing out my most recent to previous activities in the Cancer field of motivating & Inspiring cancer patients & recommendations received for my work during last couple of years as following :

* I was very recently invited from USA to document “Alternative Method of Speaking” for Google Voice project team & submitted detailed document of January 17th 2018.This document will be helpful to many unknown faces who lost their vocal folds for various reasons including Cancer.

* On 16th January I was invited at HCG Multi Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad to address good number of Senior practicing medical consultants including Medical & Surgical Oncologists to share experience & enlighten them about my “Moxie Life after Cancer & I was honored with standing ovation.

* On January 1st,2018 launched, “Help to Win”, Head & Neck Cancer survivors support group of India through Facebook to support cancer patients.

* Digitally connected with more than 6k Cancer patients, caretakers through 8 International & 2 domestic Head & Neck Cancer support groups through Facebook.

* My Cancer Survivor story was included in Australian edition by Head & Neck Cancer support group, UK.

* Every Tuesday counseling Outdoor Cancer patients in HCG Cancer Care in Ahmedabad to help them out to get rid of trauma of cancer, early diagnosis, completing various cancer treatments & convincing reluctant & fearful patients to undergo surgery if advised. Also meeting these OPD patients anytime in case of urgency. At times relatives of Cancer patients calling me to meet prior to undergoing cancer surgery.

* Being non-medical person, I am very lucky for getting incredible & seamless support of team of Surgical & Medical Oncologists + all 460 employees of HCG Cancer Care at Ahmedabad.

* Every other Wednesday meeting relatives of Indoor Cancer patients to address their various queries to guide cancer patients post surgery.

* On November 3rd,2017,on behalf of Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation, I had privilege of successfully publishing e book,”10/10 Immersive Narratives of 10 Cancer Winners: through Amazon Kindle Store in 13 market place including Australia 🙁https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0775WSN88) wherein my story is in 1st chapter under title of, “I AM GOING TO STAY”.

* On July 1st 2017,book for Cancer patients “Tame Ekla Nathi” (You are not alone)in local language was launched by Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation & I was invited to address 500+ people.

* On May 1st 2017,i had great opportunity of meeting Dr.Jatin P.Shah, Elliot W. Strong Chair in Head & Neck Oncology at MSKCC,NY &
Chairman of IFHNOS(https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/doctors/jatin-shah) & he admired my all around activities in cancer field as Cancer Survivor.

* On April 8th 2017, i participated in group with La Verne & Marv Radio, Dr.Thomas Moors in
beatboxing performance (public) at Olympic village, London

* On March 29th 2107, I had amazing opportunity of meeting Prof. Martin Birchall, Briton of the Year 2008 at UCL, London : (https://www.uclh.nhs.uk/OurServices/Consultants/Pages/ProfMartinBirchall.aspx) & he too admired my activities & was very kind to give recommendation letter to participate for Allen Stovall award, USA.

* In the month of March 2017,The Head & Neck Cancer support group, UK interviewed & filmed me & my wife in Central London to show, “Life After Cancer is to Live on beautifully with positive attitude”

* On 14th February 2017,ATOS MEDICAL, Sweden came especially to London for my interview. This company is producer of TEP & other accessories for Laryngectomees for 30 years & got presence in 70 countries & treated 70,000 Cancer patients with their various products.

* Taught yoga at UCL to Laryngectomees especially breathing exercise.

* On January 30th 2017,met Presidents of NALC,(HQ)UK & presidents of other Laryngectomy clubs of England & shared my experience about Life After Cancer in 20th year.

* My Cancer Surgeon (operated me in 1997) Dr. Kaustubh Patel, MS & largely admired throughout India & abroad. He is current President of FHNOS, India, Senior Head & Neck Cancer surgeon & trustee of Ahmedabad Cancer Foundation, HOD of Head & Neck Oncology at HCG Cancer Care, launched hardcover book :
“10/10 Immersive Narratives of 10 Cancer Winners on 26th July 2016, Head & Neck Cancer day. The back cover page was endorsed by Dr. Jatin P. Shah, Cancer Surgeon @MSKCC, NY. The 1st chapter of this book starts with my story, “I AM GOING TO STAY”.One can buy this in e book form through Amazon Kindle Store Worldwide: (https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0775WSN88)

* Recipients of several Awards for my Fight Against Cancer & for leading fearless “Moxie Life After Cancer & for inspiring countless number of Cancer patients in person & through social media.

* Following are quick links to my social media presence :
Website : https://www.shrenikshah2110.com