Too Sick to Insure?

We can appreciate travel Insurance can be daunting enough never mind if you have a pre-existing medical condition such as cancer.

The Swallows have appointed Central insurance and their representative Jordan Whittle as an ambassador for The Swallows.

Central can offer guidance and support to help make gaining travel insurance is an easy simple process.

It is an honour to represent such a great charity and cause and we would like to help those finding difficulties seeking insurance. Cancer effects everyone, in my case my grandma was sadly taken due to cancer so being given this opportunity means a lot to me personally. Friendly helpful advice is always available and even if our markets cannot cover for the extent of your illness, we will recommend other suitable alternatives. We will do our upmost to ensure you can rest easy knowing suitable cover is in force to protect you whilst on holiday or out of the country. We specialise in all markets primarily commercial products, but we do offer insurance solutions for all insurance types including personal lines products such as home insurance car and travel.

Before joining Central, after graduating MMU with 2:1 BA Hons my post university employment was for AXA Insurance Plc in the claims department before then moving to Allianz as an insurance broker and now at Central. Working in the claims industry has given me great insight on the importance of clarity and ensuring the correct steps are followed to ensure cover is not compromised.

Some handy tips when traveling abroad

1) If you have a pre-existing medical condition it is recommended to seek a fit to fly from your doctor. (In the case of respiratory, Cardiovascular and cancer) Even for a medical condition you are not currently undergoing treatment or medication for the following conditions. This will offer clarity when a claims handler is validating your claim if you do become unwell.

2) Always book your travel insurance the same day you book your holiday or flights. This will prevent any illness, diseases or injuries picked up after booking hindering your plans and potentially invalidating your claim.

3) Even if you are not undergoing any medical treatment, follow ups or medication for any previous condition, the following must always be disclosed to protect you to the fullest. (Respiratory, Cardiovascular and cancer)

4) If you are travelling for treatment abroad you must always highlight this to your travel insurance before taking out a quote. You will need specialist cover for this scenario.

If you are worried about insurance given your personal medical history, we will always ensure making insurance arrangements is swift, easy, and Central are always on hand to offer you support.

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