Question: “How are you?”

Your Answer: “I’m Fine”

Frustrated – Isolated – Neglected – Emotional

We believe that without our Caregivers the Health System would struggle to maintain such a high-class service for Head & Neck Cancer patients.

Caring can be tough, and lots of caregivers don’t like to ask for help, some don’t even see themselves as caregivers.

So, if you help in any way, a Head & Neck Cancer patient and feel you need a better understanding of what your dealing with or maybe some advice on what you’re doing, then come along and listen to what we can share with you, talk with another caregiver who has been where you are our monthly meetings are there to offer support or you can call us on our 24/7 support line on 07504 725 059 these calls will be answered by a Caregiver or Patient.


Every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 18.30 to 21.00 – Everyone welcome, CLICK HERE to register

24/7 Support Line

07504 725 059


[email protected]


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